Posted by: mixmanmagee | February 21, 2008


Welcome to My Favourite Mix.

I listen to a lot of mixes: DJ sets, Solid Steel shows, Breezeblock sessions, mixtapes, compilation CDs, various radio shows where they get DJs to compile a block of music for an hour or so, etc. I often think that mixes are better than albums, as with albums you’re stuck listening to everything from the one guy for an hour, where’s mixes can pull from any bit o’ music anywhere in the history of everythingness.

I get obsessed with particular ones, and often listen to the same hour long mix over and over for a week or so. Really get to know it. It’s a great way of marking a point in your life too.. (“oh I remember when I was obsessed with that one”).

They really are great, so I thought I’d put them up here for you to enjoy too! Enjoy!

– Mixman Magee.


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