Posted by: mixmanmagee | February 21, 2008

The Next Obsession: The First Mr. Scruff Breezeblock

Oh my god. What the hell is that weird bomp-i-bomp singing at the start. It just keeps going. And the piano, who plays piano like that? Then the real drums kick in. That’s the sweet spot.

Horn stabs! You think you lose that weird singing.. you think it’s gone. But then he brings it right back!

Don’t be scared of the bit of rapping. You can get through it. Some of it is Jamaican style, so it’s ok.

Best bits: The Quantic at 21:00.. ohh ohh, and then the fancy soft organ/sharp drum song from 38:30 onwards..

Interspersed with ridiculous made up radio ads, this one’s a winner to play again and again. I know I have. So what’s it gunna be, brother man? Download


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