Posted by: mixmanmagee | March 2, 2008

The Brilliance Of Mixes, The Brilliance Of RJD2

Your Face Or Your Kneecaps. Quite a famous mix — it’s the one that shot RJD2 into stardom. This one’s packing a LOT of 70’s funk. Here’s the tracklisting, but don’t peek; listen to it first as a whole piece of music, only then start to pick it apart!

Highlights: The out-scratching on double trouble. Hell, RJD2’s scratching throughout. And the FUNK of it all!


Posted by: mixmanmagee | February 21, 2008

The Next Obsession: The First Mr. Scruff Breezeblock

Oh my god. What the hell is that weird bomp-i-bomp singing at the start. It just keeps going. And the piano, who plays piano like that? Then the real drums kick in. That’s the sweet spot.

Horn stabs! You think you lose that weird singing.. you think it’s gone. But then he brings it right back!

Don’t be scared of the bit of rapping. You can get through it. Some of it is Jamaican style, so it’s ok.

Best bits: The Quantic at 21:00.. ohh ohh, and then the fancy soft organ/sharp drum song from 38:30 onwards..

Interspersed with ridiculous made up radio ads, this one’s a winner to play again and again. I know I have. So what’s it gunna be, brother man? Download

Posted by: mixmanmagee | February 21, 2008

The First Obession: The Lemon Jelly Breezeblock.

Ok, I’m not sure if this was the original first Breezeblock that got me into listening to mixes. But it’s darn close…. “Mary-Anne… Mary-Anne. Let us get together on the five year plan………………………”

Fun bits to listen for: The mixing of the da-de-da-doo’s when introducing the Tom’s Diner song early on, oh, and as pointed out by my friend, the “HUUU~!!” sound the guy yells out at 12:34. Then the sweet phaser fading that song out! Download

Posted by: mixmanmagee | February 21, 2008


Welcome to My Favourite Mix.

I listen to a lot of mixes: DJ sets, Solid Steel shows, Breezeblock sessions, mixtapes, compilation CDs, various radio shows where they get DJs to compile a block of music for an hour or so, etc. I often think that mixes are better than albums, as with albums you’re stuck listening to everything from the one guy for an hour, where’s mixes can pull from any bit o’ music anywhere in the history of everythingness.

I get obsessed with particular ones, and often listen to the same hour long mix over and over for a week or so. Really get to know it. It’s a great way of marking a point in your life too.. (“oh I remember when I was obsessed with that one”).

They really are great, so I thought I’d put them up here for you to enjoy too! Enjoy!

– Mixman Magee.